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127 Day Online Exhibition - January 27, 2018

Welcome to 127 Film Photography's 127 Day online exhibition! The images below were created by a small but enthusiastic group of artists across three continents, all photographing in 127 format on January 27, 2018.

 ©2018 Mike Maguire, Richard on the Car; Washington, DC, USA; Detrola HW, ReraPan

©2018 A. P. Mackie, Roger; Victoria, BC, Canada; Yashica 44, ReraPan

©2018 Takgyver, untitled; Victoria BC Canada; Baby Rolleiflex 2.8 Tessar (old standard), home-slit Ilford HP5+

©2018 S. Kaufman, 3rd Avenue Steam Vent at Night; New York, NY, USA; Kodak Pupille, HP5+ 400 pushed to 1600

©2018  K. Inagaki, Snow shovels; Hokkaido, Japan; Baby
Rolleiflex, Rerapan

©2018 Terry Byrne, Survivors; Princeton New Jersey, USA; Topcon Primo Jr, Ilford HP5+

© 2018 Eben Ostby, Gone Burger; Oakland, CA, USA; Whitehouse Beacon II with flipped lens, 46mm Kodak Portra 400 

©2018 Chuck Baker, Kerkje van Persingen; Persingen, The Netherlands; Ilford Sprite, Efke R100, expired 12/14

©2018 Nicholas Middleton, Wildlife Refuge; London, UK; Zeiss Ikon Box Tengor 54/18 ('Baby Box Tengor'); Ilford HP5 Plus

© 2018 Mika Morizaki, Slumbering afternoon, Kanagawa, Japan;  Rolleiflex 4x4, Rerapan

© 2018 Fredrick Walker, Road to Paradise; Mount Rainier National Park, Washington, USA;  Zeiss Ikon Baby Ikonta, ReraPan.

© 2018  J. M. Golding, To hold this day; northern California, USA; Yogi Bear camera, ReraPan

Join us for the next 127 Day, coming up soon on the 12 of July, 2018! If you'd like to be reminded of 127 Day and the submission deadline, please use the "Follow 127 Film Photography by email" link to the right. You'll receive not only reminders, but also posts about all things 127. Or email your request to 127filmformat ~ at ~, and you'll be added to the 127 Film Photography email list.

Sunday, February 25, 2018

Tuesday, February 27 is the deadline to submit photos for the January 27 127 Day online exhibition

The day after tomorrow, Tuesday, February 27, is the deadline to submit your 127-format photo taken on January 27, 2018. Please remember to email one photo, as described here. Photos will be published in an online exhibition right here at 127 Film Photography.

©2018 J. M. Golding, An evening stroll; northern California; Kodak Brownie Fiesta, Ansco All-Weather Pan, expired March 1963;
I'm looking forward to seeing your 127 Day photos!

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Sad Hymns of the Sea by Jim Rohan

© Jim Rohan, Sad Hymns of the Sea; Churchie’s Fried Chicken Official Spy Camera, Kodak Verichrome Pan, expired 1963